How To Clean Your Sunrooms

Many homeowners will invest in a sunroom for peace and tranquility.  Having a dedicated space to go out and relax, drink your morning coffee and read the paper are some of the most basic pleasures we have in life.  For these people, screen enclosures rochester ny is a great investment they can make.  However, what is the best way to keep them clean?

Soap and water

The tried and true method of cleaning anything is the same for your sunrooms.  Weather your enclosure is made of glass or screens, you will want to do the same procedure for both.  If you are in a screened in room, you will want to consider removing all of the furniture.  When in a screened room you may have indoor / outdoor furniture, however, removing it from the room will help with cleaning the floors later.

You want to get a ladder and a scrub brush and a hose.  You want to wet the outside of the area and then with your brush and water soak the outside of the screen or windows.  Then let the soap sit for a few minutes to break up the dirt. 

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Once the dirt is broken up take the brush and gently scrub the enclosure.  You will want to be gently with screens as not to rip them, but strong enough to break up stubborn dirt.  Once you do this allow the water to sit for a few more minutes. 

Once you are satisfied that the dirt is broken up, use the hose to once again hose down the area of soap.  Repeat this process for all the panels in your structure.  If you are down with the outside you will want to repeat the practice for the inside of the sunroom.  This can get a little messy so make sure that you are not wearing anything new.  Finally, you want to take a wet vac or a squeegee and remove all the excess water.  Open the doors and allow the room to air dry.